Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i told u so.!

is it still my fault.?
am i the one who blame u..?
i am the one who cheat on u?
come on boy..!
wake up n see the real world..
dunt juz b'coz of u think u r rich,
or the most sweet man in this world..
u can easily break a gurl heart..
a gurl that currently recovered from hurt..
then u wake in front of her then claim that
u will rescue her from all this lies....
after a few days.. there u ar..
sumthng that cant far apart from a man..
that is lies... lies.. being LIAR.. lie again..
ar u realy think u should do that..?
or am i too stupid to understand that.?
(yr lie means u dont even want me or love me)
who u think u ar...
as everyone knows n u kno...!
what goes around , comes around...
may god forgive u...

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