Saturday, June 11, 2011


this is him... fb name,= ERY SARAH.
ic name = M. ZULKHAIRI. (if im wrong , plz forgive me)
my name = bby boy.!
hehehe... opss..! tht nick name, dulu bole laa gne..
Now..he is a big boy.
can take a good care of himself n plus others.
including me. but of coz his gurl.
im proud of him.
i kno him since i was 18 teen.
i was juz a clerk at tuition centre that he's entered in.
almost everyday he will walk in the tuition n say 'hye' to me.
n i will always smile n say 'hye' back to him.
hehe.. wit smile he walk behind.
he juz an ordinary boy. for others. maybe.
but not fer me. if u're asking y.?
i'll tell u now.!
he can share everythng wit me.
he will always hav a story to tell about.
he always tried so hard to make me smile when i was sad.
laugh? huh.! neva stop! if im wit him.
he said. i love to see when u're laughing.!
shame of me. my face will completely turn into red.
and, he will laughing at me. n double triple i will be ashamed.
hmm.. thats him.! i miss him.
n more important fer me to remember on.
he will always want to be more matured than me.!
hehehe.. how hard he try. i will always called him my babyboy.!
hahaha.. u are my big baby boy rite now.!
see.. u can talk maturely, think maturely. n feels maturely.
hmm.. somehow. i dunt know y.. i miss old of u.!
the childish boy. the selffish lil' boy. n the cute boy.
hehhee :') i miss u boy.!
but sumtimes, it's cross into my mind.
y shouldn't i giv u a chance to prove that u're big enough to have me.
hmm.. my ego :'(
im sorry. and im too late now! ryte. :')
its oke dear.. i was pray fer yr happiness wit her. :)
she deserve u betta. :)
dunt forget to invite me into yr wedding kayh.!
miss u :)

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